AHPS :- Award-winning Formal School Chain of India

Academic Heights


Pre-requisites And Key Points

  • Primary School (Class 1 to 5)
  • Sr.Secondary School (Class 6 to 12)

Required Area

Minimum 10,000 sqft.


30 Lac + (Excluding land).

Agreement Period

15 years.

Branch Radius

No school within 20 km radius of existing branch


10 % royalty on montly collections.


As per government policies (subject to change).

Required Area

Minimum 1 to 1.5 acre.


3 to 5 Cr.(Excluding land).

Agreement Period

15 years.

Branch Radius

No school within 20 km radius of existing branch


10 % royalty on montly collections.


As per government policies (subject to change).

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About Us

Academic Heights Public School (AHPS) is a trusted brand in the educational segment, providing top-notch infrastructure, curriculum and also focus on skills which improve young minds and their strengths.

AHPS is focused on advancing the profound, moral, social, mental and physical aspects of education among its students, thereby giving responsible citizens to the country and the world at large.

Why Choose Us?

Country-Wide Presence

  • Most Trusted Formal School Brand of the Nation
  •  110+ Schools Nationwide and Counting
  • A Place of Pride & Importance to Students

Vast Experience

  • 18 years of in-segment Experience
  • Playschool Venture Include Bachpan with 1100+ Preschools
  • Flagship Formal School Brand of Education Segment

Constant R&D and Support

  • Eminent Educators and Consultants
  • Trendsetting Educational Tools and Material
  • Continuous Monitoring Through Audits for Smooth Revisal Process

Our Facilities

That helps in all round development of a children and shaping their career for a better tomorrow.

Fostering Students

  • Hands on robotics through Robotime.
  • English Language Lab: AWELI Drive.
  • Enriched Content on Pritab.
  • Daigital Content along class transitions.

Tech Learning

  • Latest educational technology for teaching-learning.
  • Inclining reading material with tech-tools.
  • Regular updation of tech-tools.
  • Minutely structured digital content.

Panel Of Experts

  • Professional and experienced R & D team.
  • Qualified and trained teachers.
  • Educational dignitaries in curriculum review panel.
  • Complete support, training and grooming.

Experimental Learning

  • Apt teacher-student ratio for individual attention.
  • Skill-enhancement and educator centered training.
  • In-house content designing and course development.
  • Child-centered counseling Programs.

Enriching Techniques

  • Student-friendly teaching methodology.
  • Practice multiple intelligence and core skills.
  • Students’ aptitude and capacity building programs.
  • Formulate age-appropriate learning capsules.

Methodic Curriculum

  • Theme and concept based curriculum.
  • Driven by CBSE rules and NCERT/NCF guided syllabus.
  • Vertically and horizontally mapped content.
  • Theme based inter-disciplinary learning.


  • Equipped with modern facilities and learning spaces.
  • CCTV-enabled safety at school and in transport.
  • Classy, clean and green exterior.
  • Updated learning material and gadgets.

Network and Support

  • AHPS: Chain of 110+ proposed CBSE K-12 schools nationwide.
  • Formal school brand from the house of Bachpan.
  • Bachpan: Network of over 1100 play schools nationwide.
  • Head Office steers and mentors schools.

Our Journey

Our Awards

Top K-12 School Chain 2018

Awarded By Indian Education Excellence Award

Best K-12 School in 2018​

Awarded By GTF Education Summit & Award

The Formal School of India

Awarded By Countrywide Impact Award

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Regional Office - Hyderabad

Corporate Office - Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Heights Public School is a well established brand name for which all research and survey has been done since the years of establishment. Get required infrastructure and educational technology for which a never ending Research and Development team works continuously to incorporate new and innovative trends with a competitive strategy. 

Here are the few steps on how AHPS franchise work:

1. Visit the proposed site for audit and analysis.

2. The MOU to be signed for further process.

3. School setup (interior & exterior design including class room setup).

4. Promoting school, admissions and hiring staff simultaneously.

5. Start the school with all stationary requirements fulfilled by the our Franchise.


  • Be established in your own city/town
  • Enjoy Nationwide Recognition
  • Save Time, Effort & Expenditure involved in creating a Brand Name
  • Gain from our expertise

With the support of quality control department, we are able to produce the best educational materials in the industry. We follow the curriculum prescribed by the National Council of Educational Research Training (N.C.E.R.T.) and also seek affiliation from Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.).

Academic Heights Public School is an expanded educational school of a well established pre-school brand Bachpan Play School. With a chain of 1100+ schools nationwide, this school follows a holistic child development approach and works in accordance with the latest teaching methods.

AHPS schools are C.B.S.E proposed Schools and not all the branches of it have a C.B.S.E Affiliation. Few of the schools are affiliated though and we are working towards ensuring that all the schools secure C.B.S.E Affiliation soon.

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