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Continuous Assessment

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Skill Based Content

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Learning Pedagogy

Project Based Learning

Education at AHPS is not just about nurturing academic knowledge. We at AHPS designed a complete model to lay an enriched foundation to teach students academic content, to foster deeper learning and to help students develop 21st century skills.

STEAM Education

We feel proud of the holistic approach and format of education that we give to the students. With the help of Robotime, a flagship robotics curriculum of Prismart introduced in AHPS, we incorporate a planned curriculum from nursery to 10th to foster the STEAM education at AHPS.

Blended Learning Model

At AHPS, we provide the only e-solution which is 100% mapped to the school’s curriculum with the help Prismart Smart Classes. With the help of animations and simulations, we try to make sure that there is a seamless blend between education and fun.

Experiential Learning

At AHPS, we try to imbibe these qualities with the help of Robotime and Aweli Drive. Robotime is an Action-Packed set of the complete Robotics Curriculum that helps students understand the applications to core life skills in any activity. AWELI is an English Language Lab which has well-equipped and world-class audio-visual content, software, e-modules, etc., to improve learners’ proficiency and skills.

Life Skills Development

At AHPS, we share the philosophy of excellence. We feel proud of the holistic approach and format of education that we give to the students. This involves the stimulation and polishing of intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative, and spiritual potentials in all our students.


We believe that the primary role of assessment is to enhance teaching and improve student learning. Teachers use many different processes and strategies for classroom assessment, and adapt them to suit the assessment purpose and needs of individual students. Our assessment structure is not just confined to a single test but also focuses on the day-to-day activities of the student.


The teachers at AHPS undertake every effort to act as a facilitator and create an environment of two-way communication.

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We, as parents find every room to give feedback to the institution and each of it is catered to its best by the teachers as well as the management of the school.

Anupriya Sahu

AHPS is a reachable phenomenon I must say. It’s a school that is ever progressing and answers each query of the parent.

Archit Singhal

AHPS looks into the child’s inquisitiveness to learn new ways of doing things and this is an unparalleled achievement for any school.

Neelam Yadav

Academic Levels

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Pre-primary School

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Primary School

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Middle School

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High School

Our Awards

AHPS - GTF Education Summit and Award

Best K-12 School in 2018

Awarded By GTF Education Summit & Award

AHPS- Countrywide Impact Awards

The Formal School of India

Awarded By Countrywide Impact Award

ahps - Indian Education Excellence Award

Top K-12 School Chain 2018

Awarded By Indian Education Excellence Award

A Short Brief About AHPS

Academic Heights Public School was launched in the year 2009 by S.K. Educations to extend the educational journey of Bachpanites. AHPS has more than 120+ schools across India in which 30+ Branches are in Hyderabad.

Our Vision

The main objective of Academic Heights is to take forward the approach of our learning and lay our focus on the formal system of Education.

As Formal schooling is one of the most important phases in the life of a teenager. It paves the path to a brighter future, and also helps in developing the intellectuality and brainstorming skills in a child.

Academic Heights has emerged to touch the spirit of education with pride and glory. Education at AHPS does not only relate to being literate and getting degrees but developing a human much ahead of it.

Our Initiative Programs & Apps

  • We launched Prismart – an interactive e-learning platform having a complete academic curriculum in 3d-HD Graphics to make students understand with different ways of approaches.
  • There are few programs which were launched especially for AHPS students i.e AHPS interschool mega competition, Olympiad, Born to Win and many more.
  • We launched innovative products like Aweli Drive (to learn language), Think Exam, Pritab, & Robotics which helps students to face and compete with trending technologies in the market.
  • As AHPS spreads nationwide, we aim to equalize the standards of education across India and also the pursuit of quality in academics.

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